Happy Chocolate Week!

Running in its 9th year, this week (14TH – 20TH) the nation is celebrating all things chocolate. No need to make an excuse about that chocolate treat at lunch. And break. And that time between lunch and packing up. According to http://www.chocolateweek.co.uk chocolate week ‘promotes fine flavour chocolate’, but hey, Cadburys does us fine.

Chocolate is no longer that naughty indulgence, with prestigious companies like Hotel Chocolat, Godiva, Divine and Leonidas creating edible art, with new cocktails of flavours which differ so much from a regular, foil wrapped Twix. You can buy a crème brulee in a mini chocolate cup, the same size as a small Vaseline tub, and a banoffee pie in a bite. Who needs a full sized pudding when you can have one of each, all in the same box.

ImageDivine Chocolate, The Waterfront – Leicestershire

With the packaging just as pretty as the product, chocolate makes an amazing present. Someone’s birthday? Give them Thorntons. Friend feeling down? Let her cry over a heart shaped box of Ferrero Rochers. Creme Eggs galore in April and Nestle selection boxes at Christmas. There’s never a bad time for chocolate.

Chocolate is not only sweet now, unusual flavours like chilli, bacon and pink pepper are being introduced by Chocolatiers, breaking away from the regular caramels, honeycombs and covered berries. Mixed with dark chocolate means it’s actually good for you! Magnesium and potassium plus points, so don’t use your monthlies as an excuse.


ImageCocoa Bean Chocolate at Harvey Nichols

Events this week are dotted around London including John Lewis, who are partaking in a week long chocolate event, with something different to try everyday. Chocolate sampling and tasting events and a Chocolateria at Clapham Junction, Choctails at Met Bar are some more events taking place, with many more at http://www.chocolateweek.co.uk.

 So whether you’re having a evening of Fine Tequila and Fine Chocolate in Westminster, a chocolate spa treat or enjoying a silky and comforting Galaxy moment at your desk, make the most of this week. And remember, a balanced diet is a chocolate in both hands!


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