Grow a Mo’ for Movember


When it comes to raising money, it’s endearing to know that both men and women can take part in raising money that will go towards testicular and prostate cancer, and mental health challenges. According to, it’s the symbolic action of changing the appearance of your face that means the potential for changing the ‘face’ of men’s health.

Can I grow a moustache? Mo’ chance. Although you don’t need to be able to grow one to take part. Whilst ‘Mo Bros’ grow, ‘Mo Sistas’ help by raising awareness and supporting the charitable men in their lives. Whether it’s growing one, or sponsoring someone who is, there’s a chance for everyone to take part.

‘Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and is the second largest cause of male cancer deaths in UK’, and testicular cancer is the ‘most common cancer in men aged between 15-45’. If you’re experiencing symptoms of prostate cancer, don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting with a doctor. The same goes for testing yourself for testicular cancer.

Movember also aides those with mental health issues, particularly those with depression or anxiety. Further information surrounding all health-related issues can be found via the Movember website.

The Movember charity offers a light-hearted and humorous way of raising money, as well as focusing on the seriousness of what it represents, so the charity is a great opportunity for you to get involved in. I’m still getting over the inept ability to grow a moustache, but in the meantime, let’s appreciate these few impressive efforts:



ImageBy Ryan Pitt


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