The F word

It’s almost Christmas and along come the parties! Time to slim down into that dress you need to fit into. With all these ‘amazing, quick result’ diets floating around, how are you planning to lose those annoying pounds? Cut out the carbs? Power up with proteins? Blitz everything into a shake?

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s choice of pre-wedding diet; the Dukan Diet is based on lean meats, non-starchy vegetables and fat free diary products. Easy to adapt to and with simple four stage process, the Dukan Diet doesn’t cut out all the good stuff.

Gluten Free diets are now for everyone, whether you suffer from the coeliac disease or not, gluten free products are so much more accessible than they were only five years ago. However, even though they lack in wheat, sweet products are usually fortified with the bad sugars to make sure you can taste something.

A popular regime is the Paleo(lithic) diet, which focuses on going back to basics; by allowing fresh foods of high quality from the fish, meat, fruit, vegetables groups, as well as wholesome nuts, natural roots and fungi. It excludes refined and processed foods, as well as grains and legumes as they are ‘inflammatory’ foods.

Similar to the Dukan Diet, the Atkins Diet cuts out the carbs and replaces them with proteins and unsaturated fats to build up a high calorie count. The Atkins Diet aims to change the focus of your body’s metabolism by teaching it to convert glucose and consumed fats into energy.

All of these diets have mixed reviews and mixed results, so find something that is good for YOU and YOUR body. Diets have to be long term to give results, so find a regime that is easy to adapt to and maintain to keep you looking good before, during and after this festive system.

Everything in moderation and walk up those stairs, past all the escalator riders.

You’re not going to magically find abs one day when you wake up, so don’t give up! Besides, the more weight you lose now, the more selection boxes and turkey you can stuff yourself with on the 25th!


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