Have you got the Fat Factor?


You might do in 2050, but it’s nothing to brag about. Doomsday is closer than we think; it is currently pencilled in for 2050, when half the UK’s population will be obese. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the constant Change4Life adverts on our screens recently, but is it enough to stop Britain’s waistlines expanding, and is the change for life really working?

The latest report ‘State of the Nations Waistline – Obesity in the UK: Analysis and Expectations’ by Public Health England, has stated that unless hard hitting campaigns such as those against smoking are carried out, the date of doomsday will be even closer in the near future for Britain.

Following this report, this week, from 13th– 19th January marks National Obesity Awareness Week, which aims to put the obesity crisis at the top of Britain’s agenda. Schemes are being held all around the country, aimed at all ages to encourage changes to eating habits, ways of exercising and making everyone aware about the risks and problems that arise out of obesity. Find out which changes you can make to your lifestyle at www.noaw2014.org.uk


Birmingham based children’s catering specialist KiddiChef offers just this; a fun approach to healthy food for children from the age of 1 year upwards. By aiming at children of such an early age makes it easier to help stem healthy eating patterns that they can adopt for life. KiddiChef services to nurseries, schools and holidays clubs, working with other prominent environments for children. KiddiChef works closely alongside a strong team of experts, such as doctors, paediatricians and nutritionists, who provide the best foods for children, sans chemicals and toxins which are found in fast food.

Children are being targeted especially due to the sudden rises in child obesity over the past decade, and the 25% of children to be obese in 2050 will add to the percentage of obese adults. For children, obesity can start from the earliest ages, when they aren’t exposed to the best foods for them and their ever-changing bodies. Obesity in children can be easily prevented if they are able to have a hands-on approach to what they are eating, to educate and present healthy foods in a fun way. KiddiChef will be opening the first child-orientated restaurant in the West Midlands. The restaurant will have positive and educational approach to healthy foods, inviting children to use all of their senses to interact with the foods they are eating. For further information, contact KiddiChef at 0121 554 0469 and at www.kiddichef.com

Obesity occurs when we consume more calories than we burn off. Work out your Body Mass Index and if your BMI isn’t between 18 and 25, make the right changes for your body this year.


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