Random Acts of Kindness Week

As one of our smaller and lesser-known awareness weeks, but equally needed in today’s society, Random Acts of Kindness Week occurs on Monday 10th – Sunday 16th February, in the midst of showing our declarations of love on the Valentine’s Day, 14th February.


Random Acts of Kindness Week, is a week where we reflect upon and provide a selfless act of kindness that improves the world one deed at a time. We are at a frequent constant of being surrounded by negativity in all of the media, whether it is through a burglary reported on the evening news, or the printed newspaper showing articles related to the destroyed buildings and areas, in the mass flooding across the nation. Whilst the media acts as a warning device, we are rarely reminded of any positivity surrounding our daily lives.

Therefore, the labelled awareness week gives everybody a chance to add perspective to the ever-growing destructive factors occurring in the United Kingdom. If you are concerned with those affected by flooding, you can donate to the Salvation Army, who support flood relief in the UK. Alternatively, you can buy one of the homeless a hot drink, or a jumper in days when they are affected by the cold weather.

However, ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend any money: paying someone a compliment is just one example of the small yet effective, 10-second good deed for someone in need. Even the offering of a ‘thank-you’ to a bus driver or sales assistant adds a feel-good factor to their day.

The ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ website, http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/  has a collection of ideas that are easy to browse if you are struggling to think of an act. The website also has a story-sharing initiative that allows you to read others stories or simply share your own. Visit the website for more information during the good-deed week, and if you really want to push yourself for the greater good, visit the ‘RAKtivist’ page to see how you can do more!Image

Let’s add positivity to the world, and offer a small amount of our time or money to help those in need with an act of kindness, whether this is for yourself, someone close or a stranger. We shouldn’t need to a reminder to show our kindness, but with the thought of everybody doing so, we are living for a friendlier future. What will you do?


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