Vegan activists = extremism?

These days we tend to hear a lot of vegan activists due to their “extreme” way to demonstrate. The latest example took place two weeks ago in Paris.

On Saturday 1st July, the association “Vegan impact” organized an eerie staging on a popular place in the French capital, by using a metal bench and some makeup they organized a macabre BBQ with… Human meat.


The main idea behind this violent demonstration was to denounce the growing meat consumption during summer mostly because of BBQ which are meat focused meals. It did not take long before it created a huge controversy in the country. Pedestrians were shocked and people still complain about the hard way vegan activists usually use to express their ideas.


“Once again here is the proof that these people are insane. Intolerant, radicals… I would easily classify them as a sect… One tip to go: before cooking you should eviscerate… YES!!!!”

The general view on this movement is still that it is aiming the total conversion of meat eaters.

However, what about thinking about the reasons their actions are so “straight forward”? It definitely shows the emergency that vegans think there is in changing our diet. But why? Is the apocalypse to annihilate us very soon? Well… maybe.

We all know how hard it is to feed each and every person in a world where the global population keeps increasing… But do you know what it takes to produce meat?global use

Animal compassion is not given to everyone. But even those who do not mind about it should be able to understand that this system is completely shaky. It uses more than it produces… No need to be a genius to understand that this system cannot last.

Back to the compassion part. By instinct humans tend to stick up for their weakest counterparts like children for instance. The only difference here is the represented individuals are considered as “Voiceless”. But do not forget that a scream is and will always be more meaningful than any word. This is why at Get You Seen, we believe in those actions. This is why Get You Seen stands to Get Them Heard.


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