Welcome to the little black dress season

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Banish the saggy skin, cellulite, and come rejuvenate the body with YuGen’s latest treatment; The T-Shape Triple Technology.

The Italian masterpiece is a unique device that combines three different state-of-the-art technologies for instant wellness for the face and body. The T-Shape Triple Technology permits the simultaneous use of radio-frequency, infrared and vacuum technologies. With powerful toning and relaxing action, T-Shape guarantees visible results from the very first session.


LLLT irradiates the adipose tissue, forming transient micropores in adipocytes and accelerating the breakdown of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids. These fatty acids are then released from the cell, reducing its volume. The released lipids are eliminated through normal metabolic processes. LLLT effectively reduces body circumference by targeted application, to the treated areas, and has also been demonstrated to be effective in reducing oedemas.


When radio frequency waves are applied to it, the natural impedance of the skin tissue causes it to heat up. When it’s heated to a temperature above 60°C, the collagen-rich dermis is denatured, causing the collagen fibrils to contract and thicken.

In response, additional collagen forms in the skin tissue, making it firmer and improving its tone.


T-Shape incorporates vacuum treatment technology with variable pulse modes. This treatment works by lifting and compressing the skin, stimulating the circulation and lymphatic drainage. It facilitates fibroblast activity, favours vasodilation, and distributes oxygen.

The T-Shape multisystem is the most effective solution for instant body contouring results as well as being perfect for regenerating face skin.

Look incredible, feel confident and show the world what your momma gave you and come join us over at Birmingham’s finest private clinic; YuGen between 27th-29th November.

Little black dress? Not a problem.







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Ever wanted a smoother and whiter Christmas without the stress and extra added costs?

Up until Christmas, YuGen Clinic is offering clients an exclusive botox (valid for three areas) and home whitening treatment kit for a one-off price of £500!

Whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own bathroom with your home whitening treatment kit then kick back and let Dr Jane Holloran do the magic on your three selected areas of botox. Taking no more than an hour, this anti-wrinkle treatment is a non-surgical procedure promising no recovery time. With only minimal discomfort, the treatment offers results lasting 3-8 months. The non-surgical procedure involves a series of small injections to the target areas that relax the underlying muscles, giving you that wrinkle free appearance!

Based in the suburbs of Edgbaston, YuGen Clinic is led by doctors with a passion for making you feel confident in your own skin. Offering highly personal services, tailored to you, YuGen aims to give every client a comfortable and relaxing experience.

With prices normally starting from £250 per treatment, book in now for your appointment via the phone or online to claim this amazing offer for £500 whilst you can.

Tis the season to be jolly hey?


Dr Jane Holloran and YuGen clinic

Get You Seen has been appointed by Dr Jane Holloran and her Birmingham aesthetic, beauty and private GP clinic to handle its UK PR.

dr jane

Get You Seen is all about body confidence and making people feel good about themselves. That’s why Birmingham’s finest private GP clinic and Dr Jane Holloran has appointed Jewellery Quarter based PR & Marketing agency Get You Seen. Yup, we think it’s a perfect match too!

Equipped with all the latest aesthetics technology, Yugen was founded by doctors and is currently headed up by Dr Jane Holloran MBCHB MRCGP. A highly experienced GP of over 20 years, Dr Holloran focused much of her work in areas of deprivation, which led her into specialising in psychiatry and prison medicine. It was whilst working in these challenging environments that Dr Holloran first developed an interest in aesthetics, dermatology and scar reduction therapies and was moved to look for solutions to the visible scars, which many of her patients suffered as a result of trauma and self-harm.

YuGen offers Coolsculpting; the number one, non-invasive fat reduction technology which can help people achieve their body goals, through permanently removing fat without the need for surgery. As well as Coolscultping, non invasive treatments are also available such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.



Sasy n Savy


2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Cosmoprof – the leading worldwide event for the professional beauty sector and an international platform for the cosmetics and wellness industry. Cosmoprof brings together the best suppliers and buyers from across the globe to a variety of locations (Italy, Las Vegas and Hong Kong) providing them with connections and opportunities that might have been difficult to establish otherwise.


Sasy n Savy is an Australian skincare brand that caters to all skincare types utilising natural ingredients. There’s no longer a need to worry about harsh chemicals in your skincare products that cause you to break out – feel free to put your trust in Sasy n Savy. Not only are they all natural but they’re also extremely affordable.

The next Cosmoprof will be held in Bologna, Italy from the 17th-20th March with Sasy n Savy in attendance.


Bologna is known as Italy’s most underrated city. Besides Cosmoprof, Bologna has plenty tourist attractions to visit.  Here are just a few places to visit:

  • Teatro Anatomico
    • The Teatro Comunale di Bologna is an opera house in Bologna, Italy, and is one of the most important opera venues in Italy.
  • Basilica di San Domenico
    • The Basilica of San Domenico is one of the major churches in Bologna, Italy. The remains of Saint Dominic, founder of the Order of Preachers, are buried inside the exquisite shrine Arca di San Domenico.
  • Museo di Palazzo Poggi
    • The current structure of Palazzo Poggi building dates back to remodelling and expansion work done in the 16th century on a home purchased by the Poggi family at the end of the 15th century.

Team Sasy n Savy!


We’re all familiar with the term ‘you are what you eat’, so why is the same not true for our beauty regime and the skincare products we use? Award winning Australian brand Sasy n Savy are a manufacturer of Natural Native Australian bath, body and well-being products committed to educating consumers on the benefits of using natural products. Vegan and vegetarian friendly, Sasy n Savy products are free from harmful chemicals, colours and synthetic ingredients, and only contain ingredients sourced from Australian plants, herbs and flower extracts.

As summer begins to draw to a close, we can look forward to the return of cosy knits, ankle boots, pumpkin spiced lattes, Halloween and fireworks, but as the leaves shed from the trees, and the weather begins to take a turn for the cold, autumnal vibes are not exactly ideal for our hands! Just as it is said that our eyes are the windows to our soul, our hands are often one of the first body parts to show signs of ageing. While many of us wouldn’t wash our faces without moisturising afterwards, many of us neglect our hands leading inevitably to dry, cracked and ageing skin.

A favourite of age defying celebrities including Beyoncé and Rachel Hunter, Sasy n Savy’s organic products contain a total of 38 active ingredients from 100% Natural Australian Sources. All products contain four key ingredients including: Kakadu Plum which stimulates the production of elastin and collagen to maintain the skins suppleness; Bearberry Leaf to repair damaged skin; Wild Rosella Flower to fight against the signs of ageing and to hydrate, nourish and revive tired looking skin, and Australian Essential Oil for therapeutic benefits.
Recently short listed at the Pure Beauty 2016 awards for Best New Natural Product for the best selling Rose Lavender Hand N Nail Repair Crème (£20.50, 100ml), the organic crème has been formulated to nourish, protect and hydrate; leaving your hands soft and supple. Containing Primrose and Macademia oil as well as Shea Butter, Sasy n Savy’s Rose Lavender Hand n Nail Repair Crème defends hard working hands from damage and helps diminish signs of aging by soothing and softening dry skin.

If you love Sasy n Savy’s ethos and its famous Hand N Nail Repair Crème,  you can vote for Sasy n Savy’s Rose Lavender Hand n Nail Repair Crème here

Sasy n Savy products range from £17.50 to £46.50 and are available to purchase through the website




Notes to editors:

Samea Maakrum, founder and CEO of Sasy n Savy: “Through our rose, which is a symbol of love, beauty and youth, Sasy n Savy is committed to providing high quality products so that we are able to care for you, your skin and your environment. Sasy n Savy will always empower women so that they can live the best life they can because we want them to feel good about who they are.”

For a full list of products, information, images, price lists and product samples of the Sasy n Savy range, please contact Nicola or Lisa at Get You Seen on:

E: Nicola@getyouseen.com  / lisa@getyouseen.com

T: 0207 993 5593


Met Gala 2014

Formally called the Costume Institute Gala, the Met Ball is an annual fundraising event for the Metropolitian Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. Known as one of the most exclusive social events in New York, and one of the biggest fundraising nights in the city, the gala is considered to be one of fashion’s biggest red carpet events.

Attended by personalities from the entertainment, arts and fashion industry, we give you our favourite looks of the Met Gala 2014.

 –          Victoria Beckham:


Victoria shows how the red carpet is done by wearing a white cropped, floor length dress from her Pre-Fall 2014 collection. Teaming this angelic look with smouldering smokey eyes and a side parted tousled hair; Victoria knows how to work it

–          Joan Smalls:



Not many people can get away with this beautiful shade of violet lipstick, but supermodel Joan Smalsl makes a huge impact with this statement look by wearing a nude floor length gown by Vera Wang. With extended eyelashes and a fresh bare face, Smalls is the pleasantly surprised look of the night

–          Suki Waterhouse:



Suki Waterhouse resembled a real fairytale princess in this breathtaking Burberry dress. The twenty-two year old British model kept the look simple by wearing a romantic up-do and a matte red lipstick

–          Emma Stone:


Emma Stone

Personally, Emma Stone has always got it right when it comes to the red carpet. In a pink Thakoon ensemble, Stone’s summery metallic, pink beauty was turned casual with the help of the messy side plait

–          Beyonce:


Beyonce makes her ‘black widow’ debut look at this year’s gala by wearing a black and beaded floor length dress, accessorised with a netted veil and dangly earrings. Queen B kept everything else relatively simple by slicking her hair back into a side-parted style with statement burgundy lips

To be honest, us girls in the office could have kept going…

The Month of March


To our readers,

We’re already one quarter of the way into 2014! February has zoomed by and Easter eggs are being shoved in our faces ready for April. But before we consume our weight in chocolate, March beholds plenty of events to be aware of: here’s a few of them;

  • Saturday 8th March: International Women’s Day
  • Wednesday 12th March: No Smoking Day
  • 10th-16th March: National Salt Awareness Week
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
  • Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

This years International Women’s Day (IWD) was based on the theme ‘Inspiring Change’. Google’s homepage was a mini video showcasing inspirational woman from all over the world, and events took place in forms of coffee mornings, fitness classes, and lectures to join women of all walks of life.

No Smoking Day is held by the British Heart Foundation, and on Wednesday will be raising money and awareness to help as many people gain victory against smoking. Quitting is promoted through the education of the immediate and long term health and financial benefits that could come about. Find out more at http://www.nosmokingday.org.uk/.

National Salt Awareness Week aims to broadcast its slogan ‘Less Salt Please’, to be incorporated in food preparation in all areas of the industry. Even the slightest excess in salt can lead to severe health issues, such as stroke, obesity, osteoporosis, and kidney disease. Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has plenty of information on the quantities of salt in all food groups, and how to control your salt intake. Children are especially being targeted in the fight against hidden salt due to the rise in child obesity. Birmingham based KiddiChef takes the issue seriously and ensures that all food contains the least amount of salt possible, and uses other substituted nutritional ingredients to season and complement meals for children. Find out more at http://www.kiddichef.com/.

This month also raises awareness for both Ovarian and Prostate Cancer. Both can be treated in the early stages of diagnosis, but can be hard to spot unless regular self checks are carried out. Both cancers can be a genetically dominant, and are common in individuals over the age of 50, however, women and men of a younger age aren’t ruled out. Whether any of the possibilities or symptoms apply to you, make March the month you are aware of your body.images

Finally, it’s National Bed Month, with many health experts recommending making the most out of your sleep before we are robbed of another hour at the end of March… which rounds off March to be a salt-free month of women, sleeping, being aware of the health (and counting down to Crème Eggs galore!). If you’re also looking to find a reason to celebrate, be merry, and make this March a great one, then Happy St. Patrick’s Day (17th March)!


The team at Get You Seen.

National Eating Disorder Week

ImageNational Eating Disorder Week, or shortened as NEDAwareness, is one week that cannot be ignored. The week, running 23rd February – 1st March, makes a person aware of the hidden sufferers: whether they are someone you work with, your family or friends, or whether you are displaying features of a sufferer yourself.

‘I Had No Idea.’

 As a point that we can all relate to, this year in particular employs the message ‘I Had No Idea’, which aims to reach those who are perhaps unnoticeable of recognising the ‘pressures, attitudes and behaviours that shape the disorder’. NEDAwareness.org articulates the aim of the week ‘is to ultimately increase outreach and awareness of eating disorders and body image issues, while reducing the stigma surrounding eating disorders and improving access to treatment resources.’

Although it holds a high significance, the disorders are not entirely food related. The illnesses hold much more of a deeper meaning for the sufferer as their body image is damaged, their self-worth deprecated, and their ability for a rational diet is affected.

The National Eating Disorders Association is placing stress on the importance of addressing eating disorder misconceptions. Even if the disorders are recognised, that’s not to say that someone related to the sufferer understands the mental and physical health implications. The Association therefore, urges for anybody distinctly related to a sufferer to talk about any disorder they may have, and to get in the know.

The media is at a constant blame for the change in attitudes to our bodies, and trigger food and body issues that we have the potential to lose control over. Examples of repulsive trends displayed through the magazines and television affect more than we think, with the ‘thigh-gap’ fad or various diets like the ‘seven-two’ cultivating trends. Celebrities are at the forefront of this culture, with their legs covered in large red circles pinpointing areas of cellulite or stretch-marks.

Other factors include harmful comments, or self-image issues. There are many more issues relating to an individual sufferer that lead to various eating disorders, such as Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder. For more information, click here.

ImageNo matter where you are in the World, you aren’t alone and can receive help; even if this is advice is from a knowledgeable and trained professional first. Whether you are in the United Kingdom (http://eating-disorders.org.uk/) or the USA (http://nedawareness.org/), awareness of the disorder is always on the increase.

London Men’s Fashion Week

Monday 6Th January to Wednesday 8Th January marks the fourth season of London Collections: Men. Over 100 designers are showcasing the latest fashion for AW14. London Collections aim to emphasise British brands in terms of cultural creativity and commercial benefits that menswear provides for Britain.


Saville Row, Paul Smith, Burberry and Hackett are amongst some of the biggest designers representing and participating in London.  Promoters include American Express, GQ, Radisson Blu London, Swatch and Topman. Many department stores such as Harrods, Duchamp, Browns, Harvey Nichols, Liberty and Mulberry will be celebrating the LC:M season with display windows and in-store events.

The three days are based in; The Hospital Club, The Old Sorting Office, and Victoria House and will host showrooms, parties, cocktail dinners and presentations throughout LC:M. Over 2000 style icons, celebrities and press people are expected to come to our fashion capital from over 45 countries to witness the new twist for menswear.

ImageTinie Tempah and David Gandy

London is home to the dapper menswear, from the three piece suit and – according to the super stylish(!) Boris Johnson – Menswear in UK is set to exceed sales from Womenswear by 2016. So keep your eye on what LC:M has to offer from high-end to high street names that will be bringing the best in menswear this year. The boys are back in town.

Christopher Raeburn: http://www.londoncollections.co.uk/designers_profile.aspx?DesignerID=1136

Hackett London: http://www.londoncollections.co.uk/designers_profile.aspx?DesignerID=2014


The Beauty Buzz

What feels amazing, has undeniable health benefits and makes you look awesome? Organic beauty products, of course! But do they really live up to the hype?

If something is classified as ‘organic’, it supposedly means that it contains over 95% natural ingredients. This should mean healthier products for you as well as being better for the environment. Many people are discouraged from buying into the organic market because the prices are often extortionately higher than the standard brands that don’t boast such an eco-friendly ethos. However, how is it possible that organic beauty products could potentially be up to 50% more expensive than the non-organic counterpart when the sources are apparently not paying for any kind of chemicals to be incorporated into their products?

Well, the answer is quite simply that better ingredients cost more money. The companies have to pay higher prices for natural ingredients and this is reflected in the resulting cost. It would probably be more concerning if the enhanced quality products that you had started to buy cost less than your original high-street option!


The extent to which organic products are a superior choice is unclear – some sources swear by them, whereas some consider them a waste of money. Yet from extensive research, it appears that the issue isn’t whether or not organic brands are healthier for you, it is whether the organic brands you are buying into are as ‘organic’ as they allege to be.

It has been revealed that 100,000 tonnes of man-made chemicals were produced for the manufacture of so-called ‘organic’ produce last year alone. This figure doesn’t comply with the definition of the term ‘organic’ and creates doubt regarding the efficiency and genuineness of the organic products on the market. There appears to be only one simple answer; if you are serious about converting to a more organic lifestyle, smaller retailers are the most reliable option. Many smaller companies provide the consumer with a back story, detailing why they decided to create and vend organic produce, as well as meticulous lists detailing where their ingredients come from.

Because of this, every customer has more insight into where the product’s ingredients originate, so you know exactly what you’re applying to your skin. Organic products are the future of beauty – reducing the overall impact we have on the environment, whilst replenishing your skin with the ingredients nature grew herself.