What is a creative PR?

Progress impacts everything… Even PR. Twenty years ago, campaigns used to be instutitionalized and average, following a strict set of rules. However this stepped aside to a brand new vision of PR.

Today the word “creative” is frequently used as an end itself, and companies as well as agencies rush to find the unique campaign that will make them stand in the market. However “creative” is nothing but a word, its definition might vary amongst individuals. So what exactly is a creative PR and how do you create and manage one?


A creative PR is basically as obvious as it seems. It consists in a campaign that has never been seen before. It is the opportunity to stand out of the competitors by catching the target audience’s attention, i.e potential new customers. Inovating the PR, this is what being creative is about.

Before you start brainstorming these are a few advices you should keep in mind to manage your very own creative PR campaign:


Learn from your competitors

This is the first thing you need to do. Explore what has been done in
the past to have an overall view on what has been done (successfuly and

Warning: You must avoid any intentional as well as any unintentional
imitation. Even if you really like a campaign that has previously been

Follow the trend

Being creative goes along with being up-to-date. Be the first to
use a trend within a campaign, and it will reach a key factor to success. Exemple: the popular “memes” on internet.

Warning: You must avoid using overused and mainstream references. “Memes”
used to be used by companies to reach teenagers, but according to
recent surveys this type of campaign has gone very unpopular.

… and your intuition!

Because being creative is about being new and innovative, you might have no real
template to follow. Thus your intuition (as well as your team’s) is capital.

Warning: You must think about your customers’ needs first and foremost along with what objectives need to be achieved. Even if an idea looks great to you it does not always translate the same to a client. Wise piece of advise: don’t be stubborn.

Enjoy working on the project!

Last but not least. People are fed up with boring institutionalized ads. They want something fresh, light, and attractive. They will see if you had fun working on your campaign through your work, and it has a huge impact on how they will welcome it.


Is your project ready? How can you foresee its success? Well, here is a tip: you know your creative PR is efficient when one can look at it and feel entertained.


The Month of March


To our readers,

We’re already one quarter of the way into 2014! February has zoomed by and Easter eggs are being shoved in our faces ready for April. But before we consume our weight in chocolate, March beholds plenty of events to be aware of: here’s a few of them;

  • Saturday 8th March: International Women’s Day
  • Wednesday 12th March: No Smoking Day
  • 10th-16th March: National Salt Awareness Week
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
  • Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

This years International Women’s Day (IWD) was based on the theme ‘Inspiring Change’. Google’s homepage was a mini video showcasing inspirational woman from all over the world, and events took place in forms of coffee mornings, fitness classes, and lectures to join women of all walks of life.

No Smoking Day is held by the British Heart Foundation, and on Wednesday will be raising money and awareness to help as many people gain victory against smoking. Quitting is promoted through the education of the immediate and long term health and financial benefits that could come about. Find out more at http://www.nosmokingday.org.uk/.

National Salt Awareness Week aims to broadcast its slogan ‘Less Salt Please’, to be incorporated in food preparation in all areas of the industry. Even the slightest excess in salt can lead to severe health issues, such as stroke, obesity, osteoporosis, and kidney disease. Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has plenty of information on the quantities of salt in all food groups, and how to control your salt intake. Children are especially being targeted in the fight against hidden salt due to the rise in child obesity. Birmingham based KiddiChef takes the issue seriously and ensures that all food contains the least amount of salt possible, and uses other substituted nutritional ingredients to season and complement meals for children. Find out more at http://www.kiddichef.com/.

This month also raises awareness for both Ovarian and Prostate Cancer. Both can be treated in the early stages of diagnosis, but can be hard to spot unless regular self checks are carried out. Both cancers can be a genetically dominant, and are common in individuals over the age of 50, however, women and men of a younger age aren’t ruled out. Whether any of the possibilities or symptoms apply to you, make March the month you are aware of your body.images

Finally, it’s National Bed Month, with many health experts recommending making the most out of your sleep before we are robbed of another hour at the end of March… which rounds off March to be a salt-free month of women, sleeping, being aware of the health (and counting down to Crème Eggs galore!). If you’re also looking to find a reason to celebrate, be merry, and make this March a great one, then Happy St. Patrick’s Day (17th March)!


The team at Get You Seen.

National Eating Disorder Week

ImageNational Eating Disorder Week, or shortened as NEDAwareness, is one week that cannot be ignored. The week, running 23rd February – 1st March, makes a person aware of the hidden sufferers: whether they are someone you work with, your family or friends, or whether you are displaying features of a sufferer yourself.

‘I Had No Idea.’

 As a point that we can all relate to, this year in particular employs the message ‘I Had No Idea’, which aims to reach those who are perhaps unnoticeable of recognising the ‘pressures, attitudes and behaviours that shape the disorder’. NEDAwareness.org articulates the aim of the week ‘is to ultimately increase outreach and awareness of eating disorders and body image issues, while reducing the stigma surrounding eating disorders and improving access to treatment resources.’

Although it holds a high significance, the disorders are not entirely food related. The illnesses hold much more of a deeper meaning for the sufferer as their body image is damaged, their self-worth deprecated, and their ability for a rational diet is affected.

The National Eating Disorders Association is placing stress on the importance of addressing eating disorder misconceptions. Even if the disorders are recognised, that’s not to say that someone related to the sufferer understands the mental and physical health implications. The Association therefore, urges for anybody distinctly related to a sufferer to talk about any disorder they may have, and to get in the know.

The media is at a constant blame for the change in attitudes to our bodies, and trigger food and body issues that we have the potential to lose control over. Examples of repulsive trends displayed through the magazines and television affect more than we think, with the ‘thigh-gap’ fad or various diets like the ‘seven-two’ cultivating trends. Celebrities are at the forefront of this culture, with their legs covered in large red circles pinpointing areas of cellulite or stretch-marks.

Other factors include harmful comments, or self-image issues. There are many more issues relating to an individual sufferer that lead to various eating disorders, such as Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder. For more information, click here.

ImageNo matter where you are in the World, you aren’t alone and can receive help; even if this is advice is from a knowledgeable and trained professional first. Whether you are in the United Kingdom (http://eating-disorders.org.uk/) or the USA (http://nedawareness.org/), awareness of the disorder is always on the increase.

Random Acts of Kindness Week

As one of our smaller and lesser-known awareness weeks, but equally needed in today’s society, Random Acts of Kindness Week occurs on Monday 10th – Sunday 16th February, in the midst of showing our declarations of love on the Valentine’s Day, 14th February.


Random Acts of Kindness Week, is a week where we reflect upon and provide a selfless act of kindness that improves the world one deed at a time. We are at a frequent constant of being surrounded by negativity in all of the media, whether it is through a burglary reported on the evening news, or the printed newspaper showing articles related to the destroyed buildings and areas, in the mass flooding across the nation. Whilst the media acts as a warning device, we are rarely reminded of any positivity surrounding our daily lives.

Therefore, the labelled awareness week gives everybody a chance to add perspective to the ever-growing destructive factors occurring in the United Kingdom. If you are concerned with those affected by flooding, you can donate to the Salvation Army, who support flood relief in the UK. Alternatively, you can buy one of the homeless a hot drink, or a jumper in days when they are affected by the cold weather.

However, ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend any money: paying someone a compliment is just one example of the small yet effective, 10-second good deed for someone in need. Even the offering of a ‘thank-you’ to a bus driver or sales assistant adds a feel-good factor to their day.

The ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ website, http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/  has a collection of ideas that are easy to browse if you are struggling to think of an act. The website also has a story-sharing initiative that allows you to read others stories or simply share your own. Visit the website for more information during the good-deed week, and if you really want to push yourself for the greater good, visit the ‘RAKtivist’ page to see how you can do more!Image

Let’s add positivity to the world, and offer a small amount of our time or money to help those in need with an act of kindness, whether this is for yourself, someone close or a stranger. We shouldn’t need to a reminder to show our kindness, but with the thought of everybody doing so, we are living for a friendlier future. What will you do?

Have you got the Fat Factor?


You might do in 2050, but it’s nothing to brag about. Doomsday is closer than we think; it is currently pencilled in for 2050, when half the UK’s population will be obese. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the constant Change4Life adverts on our screens recently, but is it enough to stop Britain’s waistlines expanding, and is the change for life really working?

The latest report ‘State of the Nations Waistline – Obesity in the UK: Analysis and Expectations’ by Public Health England, has stated that unless hard hitting campaigns such as those against smoking are carried out, the date of doomsday will be even closer in the near future for Britain.

Following this report, this week, from 13th– 19th January marks National Obesity Awareness Week, which aims to put the obesity crisis at the top of Britain’s agenda. Schemes are being held all around the country, aimed at all ages to encourage changes to eating habits, ways of exercising and making everyone aware about the risks and problems that arise out of obesity. Find out which changes you can make to your lifestyle at www.noaw2014.org.uk


Birmingham based children’s catering specialist KiddiChef offers just this; a fun approach to healthy food for children from the age of 1 year upwards. By aiming at children of such an early age makes it easier to help stem healthy eating patterns that they can adopt for life. KiddiChef services to nurseries, schools and holidays clubs, working with other prominent environments for children. KiddiChef works closely alongside a strong team of experts, such as doctors, paediatricians and nutritionists, who provide the best foods for children, sans chemicals and toxins which are found in fast food.

Children are being targeted especially due to the sudden rises in child obesity over the past decade, and the 25% of children to be obese in 2050 will add to the percentage of obese adults. For children, obesity can start from the earliest ages, when they aren’t exposed to the best foods for them and their ever-changing bodies. Obesity in children can be easily prevented if they are able to have a hands-on approach to what they are eating, to educate and present healthy foods in a fun way. KiddiChef will be opening the first child-orientated restaurant in the West Midlands. The restaurant will have positive and educational approach to healthy foods, inviting children to use all of their senses to interact with the foods they are eating. For further information, contact KiddiChef at 0121 554 0469 and at www.kiddichef.com

Obesity occurs when we consume more calories than we burn off. Work out your Body Mass Index and if your BMI isn’t between 18 and 25, make the right changes for your body this year.

How Can We Help the Elderly this Christmas?

Christmas is a time for families and friends to join and celebrate, yet for over 450,000 elderly citizens, Christmas is just another cold day spent alone. This can change if we are able to send donations of gifts or money. Any contribution – small or big – can make the day of an elderly citizen.

Charities such as Age UK focus on keeping the elderly warm by providing emergency food packages and making homes more energy efficient during the festive period. This year, Age UK are encouraging awareness through the ITV’s ‘Text Santa’ campaign as well as selling miniature knitted hats on selected Innocent Smoothie bottles, of which sale proceeds go towards the charity.

Friends of the Elderly (FOTE) is another charity which are encourage people to undertake an ‘act of kindness’ this Christmas by donating and helping out at events aimed at the elderly. FOTE work in residential homes, day clubs and ensures older people are treated with respect throughout the year.

Anyone can help these charities by visiting the websites provided, or volunteer in your area by assisting with visits, sponsors, or donations.

If you would like to find out more information on Age UK or Friends of the Elderly, or would like to know how you can help, please visit:




The Beauty Buzz

What feels amazing, has undeniable health benefits and makes you look awesome? Organic beauty products, of course! But do they really live up to the hype?

If something is classified as ‘organic’, it supposedly means that it contains over 95% natural ingredients. This should mean healthier products for you as well as being better for the environment. Many people are discouraged from buying into the organic market because the prices are often extortionately higher than the standard brands that don’t boast such an eco-friendly ethos. However, how is it possible that organic beauty products could potentially be up to 50% more expensive than the non-organic counterpart when the sources are apparently not paying for any kind of chemicals to be incorporated into their products?

Well, the answer is quite simply that better ingredients cost more money. The companies have to pay higher prices for natural ingredients and this is reflected in the resulting cost. It would probably be more concerning if the enhanced quality products that you had started to buy cost less than your original high-street option!


The extent to which organic products are a superior choice is unclear – some sources swear by them, whereas some consider them a waste of money. Yet from extensive research, it appears that the issue isn’t whether or not organic brands are healthier for you, it is whether the organic brands you are buying into are as ‘organic’ as they allege to be.

It has been revealed that 100,000 tonnes of man-made chemicals were produced for the manufacture of so-called ‘organic’ produce last year alone. This figure doesn’t comply with the definition of the term ‘organic’ and creates doubt regarding the efficiency and genuineness of the organic products on the market. There appears to be only one simple answer; if you are serious about converting to a more organic lifestyle, smaller retailers are the most reliable option. Many smaller companies provide the consumer with a back story, detailing why they decided to create and vend organic produce, as well as meticulous lists detailing where their ingredients come from.

Because of this, every customer has more insight into where the product’s ingredients originate, so you know exactly what you’re applying to your skin. Organic products are the future of beauty – reducing the overall impact we have on the environment, whilst replenishing your skin with the ingredients nature grew herself.

The F word

It’s almost Christmas and along come the parties! Time to slim down into that dress you need to fit into. With all these ‘amazing, quick result’ diets floating around, how are you planning to lose those annoying pounds? Cut out the carbs? Power up with proteins? Blitz everything into a shake?

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s choice of pre-wedding diet; the Dukan Diet is based on lean meats, non-starchy vegetables and fat free diary products. Easy to adapt to and with simple four stage process, the Dukan Diet doesn’t cut out all the good stuff.

Gluten Free diets are now for everyone, whether you suffer from the coeliac disease or not, gluten free products are so much more accessible than they were only five years ago. However, even though they lack in wheat, sweet products are usually fortified with the bad sugars to make sure you can taste something.

A popular regime is the Paleo(lithic) diet, which focuses on going back to basics; by allowing fresh foods of high quality from the fish, meat, fruit, vegetables groups, as well as wholesome nuts, natural roots and fungi. It excludes refined and processed foods, as well as grains and legumes as they are ‘inflammatory’ foods.

Similar to the Dukan Diet, the Atkins Diet cuts out the carbs and replaces them with proteins and unsaturated fats to build up a high calorie count. The Atkins Diet aims to change the focus of your body’s metabolism by teaching it to convert glucose and consumed fats into energy.

All of these diets have mixed reviews and mixed results, so find something that is good for YOU and YOUR body. Diets have to be long term to give results, so find a regime that is easy to adapt to and maintain to keep you looking good before, during and after this festive system.

Everything in moderation and walk up those stairs, past all the escalator riders.

You’re not going to magically find abs one day when you wake up, so don’t give up! Besides, the more weight you lose now, the more selection boxes and turkey you can stuff yourself with on the 25th!

Grow a Mo’ for Movember


When it comes to raising money, it’s endearing to know that both men and women can take part in raising money that will go towards testicular and prostate cancer, and mental health challenges. According to uk.movember.com/about, it’s the symbolic action of changing the appearance of your face that means the potential for changing the ‘face’ of men’s health.

Can I grow a moustache? Mo’ chance. Although you don’t need to be able to grow one to take part. Whilst ‘Mo Bros’ grow, ‘Mo Sistas’ help by raising awareness and supporting the charitable men in their lives. Whether it’s growing one, or sponsoring someone who is, there’s a chance for everyone to take part.

‘Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and is the second largest cause of male cancer deaths in UK’, and testicular cancer is the ‘most common cancer in men aged between 15-45’. If you’re experiencing symptoms of prostate cancer, don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting with a doctor. The same goes for testing yourself for testicular cancer.

Movember also aides those with mental health issues, particularly those with depression or anxiety. Further information surrounding all health-related issues can be found via the Movember website.

The Movember charity offers a light-hearted and humorous way of raising money, as well as focusing on the seriousness of what it represents, so the charity is a great opportunity for you to get involved in. I’m still getting over the inept ability to grow a moustache, but in the meantime, let’s appreciate these few impressive efforts:



ImageBy Ryan Pitt

Happy Chocolate Week!

Running in its 9th year, this week (14TH – 20TH) the nation is celebrating all things chocolate. No need to make an excuse about that chocolate treat at lunch. And break. And that time between lunch and packing up. According to http://www.chocolateweek.co.uk chocolate week ‘promotes fine flavour chocolate’, but hey, Cadburys does us fine.

Chocolate is no longer that naughty indulgence, with prestigious companies like Hotel Chocolat, Godiva, Divine and Leonidas creating edible art, with new cocktails of flavours which differ so much from a regular, foil wrapped Twix. You can buy a crème brulee in a mini chocolate cup, the same size as a small Vaseline tub, and a banoffee pie in a bite. Who needs a full sized pudding when you can have one of each, all in the same box.

ImageDivine Chocolate, The Waterfront – Leicestershire

With the packaging just as pretty as the product, chocolate makes an amazing present. Someone’s birthday? Give them Thorntons. Friend feeling down? Let her cry over a heart shaped box of Ferrero Rochers. Creme Eggs galore in April and Nestle selection boxes at Christmas. There’s never a bad time for chocolate.

Chocolate is not only sweet now, unusual flavours like chilli, bacon and pink pepper are being introduced by Chocolatiers, breaking away from the regular caramels, honeycombs and covered berries. Mixed with dark chocolate means it’s actually good for you! Magnesium and potassium plus points, so don’t use your monthlies as an excuse.


ImageCocoa Bean Chocolate at Harvey Nichols

Events this week are dotted around London including John Lewis, who are partaking in a week long chocolate event, with something different to try everyday. Chocolate sampling and tasting events and a Chocolateria at Clapham Junction, Choctails at Met Bar are some more events taking place, with many more at http://www.chocolateweek.co.uk.

 So whether you’re having a evening of Fine Tequila and Fine Chocolate in Westminster, a chocolate spa treat or enjoying a silky and comforting Galaxy moment at your desk, make the most of this week. And remember, a balanced diet is a chocolate in both hands!