Amazon Black Friday!

With Christmas just around the corner and only one more pay day to see us through (eek), we are all looking to buy our family and friends the best gifts at the best prices.

Luckily for us, Americas gift of Black Friday made its way across the pond in 2010, and has blessed us ever since. Set to take place on Friday 25th November this year, us Brits have fully embraced the chaos, and we spent $2 billion last year!


This year, Amazon is the gift that keeps on giving. They started their Black Friday sale at midnight on Monday 14th November, a full twelve days before Black Friday officially begins, and have just announced that they will be extending the offers until the 22nd December!

A spokesperson claimed that we will be able to ‘find deals as often as every five minutes’, and the company have already slashed the prices of thousands of their products including HD TV’s, Audio products, home accessories and toys.


Products will only be on offer for as long as stocks last, with thousands of ‘Lightening Deals’ introduced throughout a short period of time. Having extended their Black Friday offers until the 22nd December, we have just enough time to get the Christmas presents sorted before the Boxing Day sales start!

Of course this promotional tactic is attracting a lot of attention, and there are daily lists being published online that can point you in the right direction to get your hands on the best deals, and keep your eyes on twitter, as many promotions are being announced on social media!


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Armed Forces

armed force day


Last Saturday marked the annual Armed Forces Day here in the UK. On the 28th June, communities across the country held events to show their support for those serving in the military. Created in 2006, Armed Forces Day is a way for the British public to commemorate the service of those men and women in the armed forces.

Currently, the main UK military operation is located in Afghanistan. This operation allows the military to provide a secure and stable country for Afghanistan, as well as enabling them to provide a safer Britain for us, and the world. The support from the public during Armed Forces day provides a much valued morale boost for the troops and their families.

The sixth annual national Armed Forces Day event was held at Stirling, Scotland, where thousands of guests turned out to enjoy displays from the air force and demonstrations from the military dogs and unarmed combat.



As well as events and shows in Stirling, Bannockburn Park was the location for a battle re-enactment which saw over 400 actors participated in a recreation of the Battle of Bannockburn.

Here in Birmingham, celebrations for Armed Forces Day took place in Victoria, Chamberlain and Centenary Squares. Guests braved the rain and were treated to a performance from ‘the Forces Sweetheart’ Fiona Harrison and a closing performance from big band group Band with Beat the Retreat.

For more information regarding Veterans week and Armed Forces Day, visit their website 


The Month of March


To our readers,

We’re already one quarter of the way into 2014! February has zoomed by and Easter eggs are being shoved in our faces ready for April. But before we consume our weight in chocolate, March beholds plenty of events to be aware of: here’s a few of them;

  • Saturday 8th March: International Women’s Day
  • Wednesday 12th March: No Smoking Day
  • 10th-16th March: National Salt Awareness Week
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
  • Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

This years International Women’s Day (IWD) was based on the theme ‘Inspiring Change’. Google’s homepage was a mini video showcasing inspirational woman from all over the world, and events took place in forms of coffee mornings, fitness classes, and lectures to join women of all walks of life.

No Smoking Day is held by the British Heart Foundation, and on Wednesday will be raising money and awareness to help as many people gain victory against smoking. Quitting is promoted through the education of the immediate and long term health and financial benefits that could come about. Find out more at

National Salt Awareness Week aims to broadcast its slogan ‘Less Salt Please’, to be incorporated in food preparation in all areas of the industry. Even the slightest excess in salt can lead to severe health issues, such as stroke, obesity, osteoporosis, and kidney disease. Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has plenty of information on the quantities of salt in all food groups, and how to control your salt intake. Children are especially being targeted in the fight against hidden salt due to the rise in child obesity. Birmingham based KiddiChef takes the issue seriously and ensures that all food contains the least amount of salt possible, and uses other substituted nutritional ingredients to season and complement meals for children. Find out more at

This month also raises awareness for both Ovarian and Prostate Cancer. Both can be treated in the early stages of diagnosis, but can be hard to spot unless regular self checks are carried out. Both cancers can be a genetically dominant, and are common in individuals over the age of 50, however, women and men of a younger age aren’t ruled out. Whether any of the possibilities or symptoms apply to you, make March the month you are aware of your body.images

Finally, it’s National Bed Month, with many health experts recommending making the most out of your sleep before we are robbed of another hour at the end of March… which rounds off March to be a salt-free month of women, sleeping, being aware of the health (and counting down to Crème Eggs galore!). If you’re also looking to find a reason to celebrate, be merry, and make this March a great one, then Happy St. Patrick’s Day (17th March)!


The team at Get You Seen.

Merry Christmas from Get You Seen!

Ho-ho-ho-hope you get everything done in time? Hands up if you’re currently swamped by numerous lists and wrapping paper? ‘Christmas’ is no longer just ONE day, it’s a whole season! And whether you’re having a quiet day where you eat festive foods with your family and watching Elf, or planning a chic champagne and canapés party, Christmas is stressful for all.

The day we plan a whole year in advance for, arrives in less than one week! ‘Tis the season of Michael Buble’s Christmas album being on repeat whilst wearing Christmas jumpers, so the festive cheer is most definitely here. Even though the majority of the UK will not have a Home Alone-styled white Christmas, cards and trees will be bedecked with snowflakes so we’re not exactly missing out.


If you’re looking for some tasty mince pies, according to Which?, the tastiest and cheapest mince pies are those from Aldi’s Specially Selected range, so stock up! And if you’re making a Christmas pudding, now is a great time to ‘feed’ it by making holes throughout the pudding to let it absorb the alcohol or zesty juices for an alternative take on the boozy fruitcake.

P.S. Remember, the last day to post a parcel or letter via 1st class UK mail is tomorrow, the 20th December!

From all at Get You Seen, we are wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Getting you seen

Get You Seen has realised that the industry demands much more than just PR. Offering services to suit your marketing, digital, social media and sales needs and everything else in between.

Based in Birmingham and working between the Midlands and London, Get You Seen understands the impact of technology and endeavours to incorporate this into the company. In order to keep up with the pace of the ever changing industry and the needs of the modern day client, Get You Seen has introduced an SEO package (Search Engine Optimisation) to optimise their online presence gaining maximum online exposure.

Managing Director Nicola Davis realised that much more than PR was needed and consequently rebranded her former company Furore PR into Get You Seen. Initially training as make-up artist, Nicola found her enthusiasm in the sales side of the industry. During her career, she has been able to develop an exceptional knowledge of the industry, as well as an impressive portfolio of clients. Now, she has taken on a new challenge in the form of Get You Seen. An opportunity where utilising her expansive experience in sales, she can move forward and assist her clients from varied industries, not just the beauty industry. The application of her knowledge has gained contacts and clients across the country, from legal firms to therapist associations.

For more information on Get You Seen and for contact details, visit the
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Twitter. 7 Years Young.

Twitter. 7 Years Young. Twttr? Perhaps doesn’t have such a ring to it as the delicate call of a generic, little bird.


21st March 2013 marks the 7th birthday of Twitter. Born in 2006, a company that boasts 200 million users, with around 400 million ‘tweets’ sent every day. Not bad for an online enterprise that is, essentially, still in it’s adolescence… Or perhaps it’s just grown up really fast!


The first few years of its existence were pretty quiet, in terms of a user base, but this significantly rose and tweets were suddenly being calculated both, per-hour and per-minute, from thousands to hundreds of thousands!


Twitter has since become a tool, not only for engaging others in pictures of your dinner, but in relating vital and important information out to people who need it. Natural disasters have seen spikes in Twitter usage, with those affected letting loved-ones know that they’re safe. Communication with friends you never see becomes instantaneous and they’re automatically flung in to your life again with updates, pictures and videos of everything you want to share.


Unlike, similarly compared company, Facebook, there’s almost a sense of ‘challenge’ in attempting to create meaning with what you do within a short number of words. It disregards any babble you may spout that could easily be transpired across other media, and allows you to really focus on what you need to say.


I say “7 years young”… Twitter is younger than:


Bebo (2005)

Facebook (2004)

Myspace (2003)

YouTube (2005)


Here’s to many more years of Twitter!


Now I’m done with the blog, I suppose I should ‘tweet’ it…